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Wether you are new to The Travis Technique and the Interrogation Process or if you are a veteran with many hours of training and course under your belt, you withh find that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ART (of Interrogation) will open your eneys and imagination to new ways of working with actors. Like opening up a watch and seeing how it works inside, this webinar will begin to expose the inner workings of the most powerful directing technique when working with actors.

This webinar will provide you with the perfect introduction to and whet your appetite for SOCRATES ON STEROIDS where you will take a deep dive into this magical world of The Interrogation Process.

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Mark W. Travis is celebrated as one of the film industry's foremost authorities on the art and craft of directing, with a reputation that spans Hollywood to independent cinema globally. As “the director’s director,” his unparalleled expertise is actively sought after for his transformative guidance in coaching directors, actors, and writers. With a treasure trove of over 30 directing awards across television and theater, Mark has honed his mastery into The Travis Technique, an original method that brings forth genuine and potent performances, enriching narratives across various genres.

Beyond the accolades, Mark's enthusiasm is deeply rooted in sharing his knowledge through education. Through dynamic workshops, master classes, and personalized consulting, he imparts the intricacies of filmmaking from concept to screen. His commitment is to not only enlighten but to inspire, fostering a creative environment where every student can unearth the lost art of interrogation to uncover the depths of their storytelling and directing prowess. Mark's connection with his craft resonates through each teaching moment, ensuring a legacy of skilled artisans in the constantly evolving tapestry of cinema.